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Logic Pro X is one of the most popular DAWs in the world! Used by composers such as John Powell, Harry Gregson Williams and Henry Jackman, Logic has powerful tools but hides many secrets that few know!

Secrets that are used by these composers and that are an inseparable part of their creative process. Among them, the modular template!

With the increase in the price of MacBooks in Brazil and the launch of the Macbook M1, many students have been asking us: How to work professionally on a Macbook with only 16 Gb RAM? How to have a powerful and professional orchestral template on a machine with such limited memory?

With that in mind, the conductor and specialist in Logic Pro X created a modular template course, unique in Brazil! A course that will allow you to compose orchestral pieces that demand powerful machines but which, aligned with the proper technical knowledge, will allow you to compose pieces with hundreds of VSTs, without headaches and without restricting your creative capacity.

We can say that with 16 Gb RAM and using Logic in a modular way, it is possible to make orchestral works that will surprise the market and your client.

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Continuing the Template I: Logic Pro X course, in this course, Jether Garotti Jr teaches you how to use the template in your orchestral productions, presenting the benefits of having a perfect balance between orchestral instruments, expanding the realism of your virtual orchestras.

Knowing how to actually use CC, reverbs, pans, solo instruments vs. group instruments are part of the orchestral mockup composer's work and in this course, created for musicians who dream of composing pieces that sound more realistic and for professionals who want to go deeper in this world of virtual orchestras, these topics, among others, will be widely covered.

This is the definitive course for you to hone the art of creating realistic mockups and immerse yourself in this vast world of virtual orchestral instruments.

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Among all the musical genres that live in the world of music composition for games and movies, action music is, without a doubt, one of the most requested genres by producers and directors.


However, those who believe that action music consists only of ostinatos and epic percussions are wrong...

Good action music needs to tell a story, take the listener on a journey of excitement, tension, confusion and resolution.

All of this organized in a way that is coherent with the appropriate balance, with the instruments, arranged in order to take the audience to the unexpected.

Yes, we will be discussing ostinatos, epic percussions, virtual instruments, layering but we are going beyond that... Composing, orchestration, MIDI, reverbs, STEM, templates and much more are part of this unique and special program!


Join us in this course and learn how to create an orchestrate action music from start to finish, just like the ones found in great games and movies.

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Perhaps one of the most complex musical genres, among those that permeate the world of games and cinemas, is the thriller soundtrack.


The balance, sometimes focused on evocative textures and sometimes focused on sudden melodies, combined with noise and sometimes unconventional instrumentation, make novice composers - and even the most experienced ones - suffer to achieve results, in many cases, referenced by legendary composers of the style such as Phillip Glass, Jerry Goldsmith, among others.


Added to the difficulty of finding this sound in the worlds of virtual instruments, so that you can create an efficient and fast mockup for your customers, made this genre one of the most requested courses by our students.


Here, you will learn how to compose a suspense track, using virtual orchestral instruments, typical arrangements of the genre, MIDI programming, Reverb, in addition to having access to the Logic project and MIDI file so that you can follow the lessons and check the notes of the musical project.


Welcome to Game Audio School's darkest course!

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Among the musical styles that surround the world, Brazilian music is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating!


Complex harmonies mixed with pulse rhythms and intriguing melodies make Brazilian music a fascination for anyone who wants to evolve in terms of music theory.


Added to this, we live a happy moment of inclusion of diverse musical styles in the world of the soundtrack. A great example of this is the film Rio, composed by composers John Powell and Sérgio Mendes. Or the soundtrack of the Nintendo Good Job! game, composed by Antonio Teoli himself, where he mixes Brazilian harmonies with jazz and non-traditional orchestrations.


In this course, you will learn to incorporate these Brazilian elements so that they make sense within the cinematic orchestral piece. Orchestration, arrangements, Amazonian instruments, melodic ideas, MIDI programming, reverb are some of the topics covered in this course.


Welcome to the most Brazilian course at Game Audio School!

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