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"Solo" (2020)

Recorded in my home studio in March / April 2020 during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine.

Jether Garotti Junior - solo piano, keyboards, samplers, arrangements, orchestrations, midi mockups, mixing and mastering totally "inbox".

Release album "Solo" - Jether Garotti Júnior


In times of social isolation and quarantine, this year with the new coronavirus, we were forced to isolate ourselves, to separate, not to integrate more physically. An unprecedented event in humanity, which made us change and rethink our lives, our relationships with people and our relationships with material and immaterial aspects. In times like these, when we are forced to stay at home, the need for a return visit has arisen within each of us. The project between "Solo" was born in these days of isolation, produced entirely in the solitude of my studio, but in the company of many ideas and a lot of sounds that I had at my disposal. In this project I recorded the feelings of this isolation through five composed songs performed and produced especially for the occasion.



It shows the rhythm we lived before, with movements for all sides, sometimes leaving the real meaning of life aside to achieve goals, several goals at the same time. Everyone running all over the place at the same time.



It shows when all this movement was forced to stop, and we stayed at home with our family, our children, our husbands, our parents, our brothers, people who had not had time to be together for a long time, people who sometimes did not even see our own. side. They were always there but we didn't see. We were always running.



It shows the new interaction with our families, our children, our parents, living together rebuking the National Museum, learning to talk rebuking to exchange ideas. A new world was opening up inside our own homes, with movements that we haven't seen for a long time.



It shows the feeling of doubt that is to come: will everything be the same when we can be together again with all the friends with all the work? Will this world be the same when all this is over? Did what I lived before I call life? Will I be the same when I return to the streets, the streets are the same, will the people be the same?



It shows the sensation of change in the human being, despite the pain of the disease and the loss of people. It shows that something is going to change within us, we will be different human beings after that passes. And that after all this, in some ways, it will be a different world signs it was ....

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